One of the things that I enjoy the most is getting out of town and just enjoying the outdoors. If there are hills, water little civilization and good things to photograph then I am in my element. Having no serious destination and no time constraints is the essence of freedom. I have been known to get no further than the first stretch of open country and simply spent my day(s) pottering. I regularly just get my bike out and decide which way to go when I reach the end of the street.

There is serious fun to be had by having a destination in mind and then allowing a view, an unknown road, or a signpost to just derail your plans and, on a whim, head elsewhere. Those travelling with you may not be so easily amused, which is probably why my motorbike now has a solo seat and my bike insurance does not cover the carrying of a pillion.

I refer to my mini adventures as “Groundflying” and this has led me to start on a series of travel books under this classification. The first of these is “Groundflying The Yorkshire Dales” and is available as an ebook.


I have been writing stories, long and short, for quite some time and have put together a compilation of some of them under the title “Love, Lies and Long-Pig”. This is currently being edited and, if it survives this process, should be available shortly. The stories themselves range from the truely mushy to the oddly munchie. They are, as short stories should be, short. Some capturing a moment or an incident, others a few lines capturing a life.